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I've actually been completing the PokeDex since Pokemon Platinum. I've done it around 4 times already, and with the way I've been doing it, I now have at least one of every Pokemon so far sitting in my PC as of Black 2. Completing the PokeDex is always the biggest challenge for any player, and I enjoy the satisfaction of filling it completely.

I like how B2W2 offered something actually decent as a reward for completing the PokeDex, instead of a diploma like the rest of the games. Aside from the chance of a critical capture increasing as you catch more Pokemon(though I believe this was in BW as well), the Oval Charm and Permit are pretty cool, and though I still haven't seen one shiny Pokemon in Gen V to this day, the Shiny Charm is a way better motivator than a diploma.

I hope X/Y provide a good incentive for completing the PokeDex, like some super special awesome item or Pokemon or something.
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