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I had this idea.
What happens when you put down that Pokemon game? To the character you're controlling? Does the world just stop, or does only the character?
One day, a trainer just stops. He stops moving, he stops talking, he stops everything. They've seen this before and know their master tends to do this, sometimes for days on end.
Three years pass and their master hasn't awoken. They are naturally disturbed, trying to get him to do something, anything. The Pokemon's bonds with their human is tested, as years pass and wild Pokemon keep trying to kill their master for food. The psychic Pokemon says he has very little brain-wave activity, confirming that he is essentially a statue. As each Pokemon remember fond memories, they struggle to decide to leave him or move on.
Genre: Horror/Tragedy
POV: Multiple, usually first person
Length: About eight chapters including prologue and epilogue
OC's: Yes, the trainer and his team of six
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