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Having left from Olivine City, Klaus' boat steadily approached Lethia. Two trainers in brown tattered cloaks wearing orange sunglasses had offered to bring him to the island. Though normally Klaus would never accept something so sketchy, they assured him that they knew where Lethia was, and his mentor had told him that they could be trusted. The boat ride was quiet. One of the cloaked trainers was steering the boat while the other sat quietly on a bench next to where Klaus was looking out to the sea. As Klaus began to see the shadow of the island, suddenly the cloaked trainer next to him stood up and took a picture of him. Running the picture through a trainer database through a computer on his hip, the trainer pointed at Klaus and cried "I CHALLENGE YOU TO A POKEMON BATTLE, 1 ON 1, DO YOU ACCEPT!?" The trainer had a pokeball ready in his other hand.

"Finally something interesting to do while we wait," Klaus smirked, as he turned to face his oppenant properly. This was the perfect opportunity to see what some potential trainers of Lethia are like, and to learn more about the league. The boat was large enough, and made out of material strong enough to withstand a battle, Klaus thought to himself.

Tossing his pokeball, a flash of light shines out from it, revealing a Togekiss. Klaus, quickly reached into his bag, and called out Mercury. Togekiss immediately flew high into the sky, but was plummeted down as Klaus called out for Mercury to use Hail which began to fall from the previously open sky. The Togekiss completely missed Mercury as it tried to turn it's fall into an attack [the second part of Fly], from being thrown off balance due to the hail. Mercury, now in his Ice-form, upon Klaus' command, used weather ball, projecting a large light-blue ball that made a direct hit on Togekiss, knocking it out from the sky. The recruiter acknowledged his defeat, returning Togekiss to it's pokeball and handing Klaus a map, badge case, and brochure that read:

-Earth and Sky!-
Are you tired of gyms? Want a challenge that will really put your metal to the test? Do you truly want to stand out above all the trainers on the solid earth you stand on? Take part in the Earth and Sky League: BATTLE ROYALE!

If you’re reading this, then you have completed the first step in participating in our yearly tournament that ends in every winter. The objective is simple, Along with this brochure, you will have a map of approved battle areas for the components to your badge which you will need to qualify for the finals! You should also have a badge case containing your first badge component! Gamble it in a fight during your battles and win enough components to complete your badge! Only then will it reveal to you where to go to fight the devastating elite!

Grand Prize:
1 wish
2nd Prize:
$200,000,000 Cash
Runner Up:
A complete badge for next year’s contest!

Klaus smiled at Mercury as he finished reading the brochure, "We're on the right path, my friend."

"We won't be for long if this hailstorm keeps up," the boatman said angrily. Klaus apologized, sending out Saturn to use Sunny Day. "Much better," the cloaked trainer beamed as they approached the region.
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