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Here's my alpha SU.

SUBJECT: Garett Thompson
SEX: The last time he checked, he was a guy

APPEARANCE: Garett is 6'9, he weighs 200 hundred pounds, and he has an average build. He wears a dark green short-sleeved shirt and khaki cargo shorts, along with a backwards black hat. He wears a black leather belt to help keep his pants up, and off in some occasions. (If you know what I mean ;D)

PERSONALITY PROFILE: (Same as every RP; the way they react to others/their Pokemon/themselves/etc., also their deepest fears min. of 100 words)

CRIME: (reason Team Rocket wishes them dead, works as their history and background set as well min. of 110 words)

MOVES: Triple Kick, Dig, Mega Kick, Mach Punch, Counter

OTHER: (Anything else notable that doesn't fit anywhere else, just mark if it's for the Pokemon or the trainer, optional)
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