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Lucy - Outskirts of Jubilife
Lucy seemed to watch her stomach for a moment as if waiting for Kotowa to disappoint her somehow before lightly patting said belly in a gesture of approval and turning her attention back to the scene at hand. "I just can't have people up and trying to murder me or the people I'm trying to travel with! It's..." she started before emitting a frustrated sigh and resting her hands against her stomach, applying a bit of pressure. Trying to talk about issues instead of applying murder was so much more difficult. "...You're safe in there as long as you be /nice/. My name's Lucy by the way. I'm from—I /was/ from Eterna City. How about you..?" she asked in a significantly more... friendly tone, apparently unfazed by the fact that the person she was talking to was inside her. As she started to close the space between herself and the others in the distance laid out in front of her she displayed no lack of confidence despite her debatably disturbing belly.

Hailey and Arcea - Outskirts of Jublife
As Hailey began to set up she became... /aware/ of a familiar presence. Familiar presences themselves weren't overly bothering, but this presence was of a specific aura that startled her quite deeply. There were few people that could manage this—perhaps Nicholas for starters, but in this case the person that had startled her was no more than a cute little girl riding the shoulders of a boy in the company of several pokéspirits. Hailey froze up for a moment in thought, earning her an inquisitive stare from Arcea, as she turned to stare at the oncoming group.


"What's with you?" Arcea asked, admittedly slightly sore over being beaten up earlier. Hailey disregarded her question however, decidedly reaching out with telekinetic power and grabbing hold of Amethyst in a firm manner, promptly yanking her away from Mako and speedily pulling her through the air towards Hailey. The robed female awaited with narrowed eyes next to a slightly apathetic Arcea, who simply wished to know what was going on herself at this point.

Lucy - Outskirts of Jubilife
Lucy stopped when she detected something amiss. Namely, Amethyst was being dragged through the air. This was enough to grab her attention. "H-Hey!" she said, and attempted to chase after Amethyst, limited by the extra weight she was carrying around as much as she tried. It was times like this that she wished she had more convenient powers.

"Get your telepathetic hands off her!" Emily yelled, having stayed in the background to keep the others from having any reason to hate her. She easily outran Lucy even though her lower legs had apparently turned gaseous, tackling Amethyst out of the sky.

Hailey and Arcea - Outskirts of Jubilife
To Emily's dismay, her tackle would prove a temporary distraction at best—reason being, she too could be lifted! Hailey dragged the two over to her and held Amethyst up to her face, only acknowledging Emily very briefly with a slight glare. Finally, she spoke in a cold tone of mild disbelief.

"Who /are/ you..?" she asked Amethyst, disregarding Emily's presence completely for the moment being. In truth, Amethyst and Hailey didn't know each other on any level. Her actions hinted at a much deeper mental issue present.


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