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Sorry, I don't think it will fit. I might be able to send you some pencil shavings from the Cranidos pencil, though. ;D

Wow, let me think.
I'm going to go make a list, because I can't remember them all haha.
...Sorry it took me so long. Left the list upstairs and had to go get it. T:


Pikachu (2), Tentacool, Phione/Manaphy (I forget which), Turtwig, Duskull, Pignite, Dewott, Pidove, Zorua, and Munna.

(Think I lost some, so this might not be a complete list)
Drilbur, Snivy (2), Minccino, Tepig, Pidove, and Axew.

HG/SS Pokedex, PMD guides (2), Let's Find Pokemon, some puzzle book, a manga book, and an unofficial guide.

The first three, a recording of Pokemon Heroes, and Giratina and the Sky Warrior.

Candy dispensers (3), Cranidos pencil, Pokemon markers, and a poster of the first 150 Pokemon.

There. All organized and neat. I:
Edit: Oh, and 200-something cards. Most were given to me, so some are in pretty bad condition.
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