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In which an assignment must be done (Part 1)

“Liv, are you going out?”

She paused from tugging on her socks to nod at the slightly distracted, handsome face of her big brother. Kyle tilted his head down pointedly at the position of her legs on the bed. She let out a surprised squeak and covered herself, face turning red. “Thuh-thanks,” she stammered out, brushing on the black fabric covering her legs. “I missed that.”

“Just don’t do it outside the house,” warned the young man. “I really don’t want to explain that to our mom, you know?”

“Neither do I,” she replied, brushing down each lock to curve back around her head. “I have a late shift tonight so I’m taking my homework. Do you want anything Kyle?” They didn’t really mind her stealing from the counter, being that she had to lock up the store and walk home by herself at night. Well… it wasn’t quite she.

Because Olivia was a boy, despite the way she stood right now, examining her appearance with the mirror.

Kyle shook his brown head. “Just be careful out there, Josiah.” He never called his brother by his pet name, no matter how much he pleaded and wheedled him to try. Why he could call her Liv, she would never understand. “It’s a scary world out there.”

Picking up her bag, Olivia nodded quietly. She toed on her shoes and smiled. “I’ll keep my eyes open,” she assured him, sprinting out the door and out of the apartment complex. The loud bustle of the city met her ears gracelessly and she smiled to herself, heading into the throng of excitable people.

“Mr. Phillips said he wanted a scenery sketch… so… maybe… where should I go?” She murmured to herself. “Um… maybe…” Taking off at a faster pace, Olivia shook her head. She would try the ferris wheel. Getting a quick sketch from the height would be easy enough… and the sea had good guidelines… or something. So she went down the sidewalk.

Ugh, there are a lot of twists in this place… Despite herself she giggled and hurried on. Olivia may have had not a hint of a sense of direction, but she did have the ability to see a giant wheel over buildings. Her ear itched and she adjusted the aid back to its comfortable position.

There was a sudden thump and she found herself on the ground, bag and sketches clutched in her arms. Looking up into the glaring face of one girl, irritated eyes watching her. “Hey, why don’t you pay attention?”

“Sorry…” she murmured sheepishly. “Ah… are you in the line for the ferris wheel?”

Another girl hmphed. “Does it matter to you, you weirdo?” Olivia flushed shyly.

“I was just wondering… because of the line… never mind.” Picking herself up, she scurried away to go sit at a food table.

“Maybe… I should just draw the ferris wheel instead…” With a sigh, she picked at a page of her sketchbook. “People are scary….” She scratched her pencil at the page, looking forlorn. She didn’t even notice the other boy at the tables.
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