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Quote originally posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗:
How much Pokemon stuff I find depends on where I am. Places like flea markets and thrift stores generally have it, but normal stores either are too expensive or lack any Pokemon stuff.

Heck yes. An hour later and my Cubone skull is done. {:
Now I have a mess of scraps of soap. Microwaving ivory soap looks really cool, maybe I'll microwave it (which also will melt it all together so it can be used).
You did a soap carving? cooooool :D

btw how was that Charmander drawing? I don't think I saw it.
Quote originally posted by CarcharOdin:
I only come across Pokemon related goods either when seeing games sold in stores or when I'm seeing other merchandise in Japan Town in San Francisco.
You have a Japan Town. I'm kinda jelly because I'd love to see if I can find imports and whatnot. I have 4 already, it'd be cool to get more like a (Super) Famicom and such.

Ahahahaha omg PG-13 for language (if you know Gordon Ramsay, you'll know why).
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