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Quote originally posted by PresentPastFuture:
Yeah, this looks great! I will have my sign-up posted ASAP. BTW, will I be far behind everyone if I start in Route 2? Or should I just begin where everyone else is now?
You could start in Route 2 if you want, but make sure to catch up before too long ;) In that case, your starter will be at lvl 10 and your only pokémon until you capture more.

Quote originally posted by heretostay123:
Alrighty guys...I'm not gonna lie. I missed you all. Especially you Red. I love you! Could I come back, pwetty pwease with a chewwy on top?
Naw, missed you too! Of course you can come back. Do you want to use your old SU? Unfortunately you'll have to pick another trainer since Kanto Male is being used by Jake atm.


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