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Quote originally posted by gimmepie:
I heard there was room in this RP? If there is I might join although I admit I may not be able to with the current load I have...

Just wanted to let you know just in case because I have been eager to take part in one of your RPs.
I'd be happy to have you on echo!

Maybe you could think of it like this. Go about your days with your other RPs as usual and just half-schedule a day when you make one post in this RP. One post a week. That is not much, if you free yourself from the burden of thinking of echo like a RP where you have to reply every other day or more often to not leave anyone hanging. Since interaction is optional in this RP, it's suitable for busy people to join and post when they have time. Which could be once a week or so :3

Does anyone want to reserve specific trainers or starter pokémon, just let me know.

EDIT: Also, if anyone (when you begin posting IC) wants a banner to put at the top like many of the other players do, just let me know what color you'd like (from and I can give you the code :3

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