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YO I remember when I was like 6 and playing Gold, I used my Master Ball on a Zubat because I didn't realize the significance! I totally got yelled at by my older friend.

But these days, I NEVER use a master ball. I know it's a freebie, but since I consider myself a pretty good Pokemon collector, it just feels like a bailout. For whatever reason, using a master ball feels shameful, and I feel like I would look at the Pokemon that I used it on with a kind of disappointment.

Also guys take this advice from the man himself

Quote originally posted by PsytronicX:
I remember accidentally using it on a Doduo back in Gold the first time I got it.
Quote originally posted by True Epicness:
It's like the Queen in chess, I feel it's so valuable that I need to save it for something really worth it, then I never end up using it.
"It's free to complain, but you pay for it in the end."
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