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Quote originally posted by gimmepie:
Is this okay so far (I wrote for the team not just a starter).

Name: Corvin White

Age: 15 (Is it possible to have him as on the later edge of 15, I know it is kind of odd but I get weird about playing younger characters).

Trainer: B/W Male

Lv 18
Tackle, Growl, Mudslap, Water Gun, Ice Punch

Lv 14
Night Slash, Horn Attack, Leer, Fury Attack, Arial Ace

Personality: (Pending, will be a fairly intense dude I’m thinking).

Sample: (Pending)
Looks fine to me so far.

Quote originally posted by Xlugon Pyro:
Admittedly I've been posting less frequently due to the fewer posts lately. I don't want to get too far ahead of everyone else.
I can understand that, especially considering Vuowth's level ^^ But feel free to challenge the gym when you feel like it :) Since most of the new characters start off in Pewter City, we are all mostly in the same place.

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