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Chapter Three : Scythe-Arms Carter

"So this place is dangerous?" asked Sparky as he and Absolem entered the thick gathering of trees that marked the entrance of Sinister Woods.
"Really, really, really dangerous!" replied Absolem. "The Pokemon who live there are all extremely violent! Not to mention the Blade Brothers…"
"The Blade Brothers?"
"They're a group of three Pokemon who use different kinds of blades to fight their opponents. They're complete monsters and will attack any outsiders - whether they mean any harm or not."
"Oh, yeah, we're definitely going into this forest!"
"What?! Why?!"
"These Blade Brothers sound strong. Maybe they'll join my Rescue Team."
"They'll kill you before you have a chance to ask!"
"Hmm… Nah, I'm pretty strong."
"Oh, it's hopeless…"

They continued walking until the trees got so bunched together they almost completely obscured the sun, making it extremely hard to see.
"I think we should head back, Sparky. This probably leads to a dead end." concluded Absolem as he turned around to walk back. He walked forward for a few seconds.
"Sparky?" said Absolem as he noticed Sparky wasn't following him. He was staring at the trees nearby.
"These trees…" he said.
"What about them?" asked Absolem as he walked up to trees himself.
"They're all marked…"
"Marked?" Absolem squinted in the darkness to examine the trees. A large 'M' had been cut into each of them.
"M… What could that mean?" said Absolem.

"It means you shouldn't be here." Sparky and Absolem turned around. A Sunflora was standing a short distance away, glaring at them menacingly.
"Oh, really?! We're terribly sorry! We'll leave this instant! Come on, Sparky!" said Absolem.
"Why not?" asked Sparky.
"This is the ruler's territory, and I'm one of the ruler's guards. You'll have to be punished for trespassing."
"You're gonna punish us?!" said Sparky as Absolem squealed in the background.
"No." said a voice. "We're gonna punish you."

A large group of Pokemon appeared from the trees, including Sudowoodo, Wooper and Ledya. Sparky looked at them all.
"Oh? So it's a fight you want!" he smirked. The Sunflora began to laugh.
"A fight?! No! This isn't gonna be a fight - you won't be hurting us at all!"
"Is that right?" Sparky scowled as his cheeks began to spark with electricity.
"What can a pathetic Pikachu do?" jeered the Sunflora.
"THIS!" cried Sparky as a large bolt of electricity flew from his body and hit the Sunflora, sending him flying out of sight.

The entire group of Pokemon stared wide-jawed at Sparky in disbelief.
"A-alright! It looks like we're dealing with a tough individual!" said a Sudowoodo. "But he still can't take all of us!"
"Yeah!" the rest of the Pokemon cried. They all started approaching Sparky and Absolem.
"Sparky! We've got to run!" pleaded Absolem.
"Not a chance!" replied Sparky as his cheeks flared with electricity.
"You can't defeat all of them!"
"Maybe not, but it's worth a shot!"
"Sparky, please!"

"LOOK OUT!" screamed one of the Pokemon.
"Huh?" said Sparky.
"THE TREE! THE TREE!" they cried. Suddenly, a loud creaking noise emitted around the area.
"Sounds familiar…" muttered Sparky.
"Sparky! Watch out! To your left!" cried Absolem.
"To my left?" Sparky turned his head to see what Absolem was talking about. A large tree was falling down - and was about to fall right on top of him.
"What the-?! What caused it to fall?!" cried Sparky.
"Doesn't matter! Get out the way!" yelled Absolem.
"Did someone knock it down?!"

The tree hit the ground with a low thud. Absolem squeezed his eyelids together, unwilling to let himself see the damage the tree had done to Sparky, praying that it wasn't too bad.
"Huh. Well, that was convenient." said a familiar voice. Absolem opened his eyes, and felt both relief and shock at the sight of Sparky standing in the same spot as before, but with the end of tree just in front of him.
"That's odd. I could have sworn the tree was longer than that." mused Absolem.
"You were right, kid." said a nearby Ledya. "Look behind you." Absolem turned his head to see a segment of a tree.
"Sparky! That's the segment that was going to hit you!" exclaimed Absolem. "Did you cut that off?!"
"No…" Sparky said, frowning in confusion. "There was just a flash of green, and suddenly it came off."

Suddenly the guards turned pale.
"D-did you say a f-flash of g-g-green?!" stuttered a Sudowoodo.
"Uh… Yeah?" replied Sparky. The guards exchanged terrified looks. Suddenly, a green blur passed through the small area in the blink of an eye, stirring up a small breeze. The guards turned even paler.
"Sparky! Look at the tree!" said Absolem.
"Wha-?!" cried Sparky, jumping back a little in surprise as he looked at the tree in front of him. The originally whole tree was now cut into two segments. The green blur passed again. As it disappeared, the two segments of the tree turned into four segments.
"IT'S HIM!" screamed one of the Wooper. "WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!"
"What about the master?! He'll kill us if we don't see to these trespassers!" argued one of the Ledya.
"IF WE STICK AROUND HERE HE'LL KILL US!" And with that, they all ran away as fast as they possibly could, leaving Sparky and Absolem alone.

"What the hell was that about?" said Sparky.
"I don't know… But we should probably get out of here as well!" replied Absolem.
"You saw how scared those thugs were of that green flash!"
"Uh huh?"
"If blood-thirsty killers like them are scared of something it must terrifying!"
"Yeah… And strong!"
"No, Sparky! Don't you dare get any ideas!"
"Maybe he can join my Rescue Team!"
"I wouldn't count on it!"
"Neither would I." said a deep, calm voice.

Sparky and Absolem turned around. Leaning against a tree with his eyes closed and a calm, almost disinterested expression on his face, was a Scyther. He slowly rubbed the scythes he had for arms together. They looked sharp enough to cut through steel.
"Oh, hey!" Sparky said friendlily as he smiled.
"Sp-Sp-Sparky…" stuttered Absolem, barely above a whisper. "I-it's him… He's one of the B-B-Blade Brothers!"
"I see…" said Sparky in a serious tone. "So what's going on?" he said turning back to the Scyther and smiling.
"Why won't he ever learn…" said Absolem.
"You need to leave." replied the Scyther.
"I've been trying to tell him! Honestly! We'll leave right now! Just please spare us!" begged Absolem.
"He already did." said Sparky.
"You're the one who cut away that segment of the tree that was going to hit me, aren't you?" Sparky asked the Scyther. "You saved me."

The Scyther quickly stood up straight and gave Sparky and Carter and intimidating stare.
"Oh, don't get it twisted. I couldn't care less about your well-being, to be honest, but if you had left this forest injured, you could have reported to the government, and they'd label this place a "dungeon", and we'd have Rescue Teams by the dozen coming here to capture the inhabitants. So I had to save you from being injured, and scare off the guards so that they wouldn't fight you. I wasn't saving you though - I was saving this forest!"
"We understand! We'll leave this instant!" cried Absolem. Sparky began to laugh.
"So you are a good guy, after all!"
"Is that so?" said the Scyther.
"Yeah, but don't worry, that wouldn't have happened."
"Oh? You wouldn't have reported us to the government?"
"No, I wouldn't have been injured by the guards. I would have beat them all."

The Scyther stared at Sparky silently for a few seconds before smirking.
"You sure have a lot of confidence!"
"That's what years of training does!"
"Training, huh? I know a thing or two about that…"
"So you must be pretty strong."
"I'd hope so."
"So then why don't you join my Rescue Team, Team Underdogs?"
"I'll have to politely decline your offer. I work alone, and besides, I have no interest in rescuing others."
"I see… Well, you're joining anyway."
"What? I already said no."
"I've decided you're joining."
"No! Now get out of here, or you'll regret it!"

With a flash of green, the Scyther was gone.
"Let's get out of here, Sparky!" said Absolem.
"No way! That guy was awesome! He's joining my Rescue Team!" Sparky replied enthusiastically.
"But he declined!"
"But I've decided he's joining!"
"That makes no difference!"
"Yes, it does! Now, come on! Let's go find him again!"
"Sparky, no!" Absolem cried, but Sparky had already ran off.
"Oh… Why do I even try?" Absolem groaned before reluctantly following Sparky.

After running non-stop for five minutes, Sparky came to a halt.
"Where the hell is he?!" he exclaimed.
"You… Saw… How… Fast… He was…" panted Absolem as he ran up to Sparky.
"I guess you're right. So the only solution is that I need to get faster…"
"This is dangerous, Sparky! We could run into those guards again!"
"I already said, I can beat them!"
"Ok, well what if we run into another one of the Blade Brothers? They might not be so merciful."
"Have faith in me, Absolem. I promised you I would get you home, didn't I?"
"And I'm going to do that. I won't let you down."
"Sparky… I'm… I'm sorry for doubting you. I just have always been a coward. I'll trust from now on!" declared Absolem.

"I'm sorry for breaking up this… "Touching" moment, but I'm afraid you two are in trouble." said a pompous voice. Sparky and Absolem looked around for the source of the voice. Suddenly, a Weedle came crawling through the trees. Sparky looked at it for a few seconds before bursting out laughing.
"Oh, no! A Weedle!" he shouted. "Whatever shall I do?"
"I shall let that little insulting mockery slide, but you're still in trouble for trespassing. Oh boys!" the Weedle chimed. Suddenly, two Noctowl flew into the clearing.
"Take them away." he ordered. One Noctowl picked up Sparky with his talons, while the other picked up Absolem.
"Ooh… Where are we going?" asked Sparky excitedly.

"Well, this was not what I expected." commented Sparky. He and Absolem had been tied up in a tangle of vines and we unable to move.
"Sparky! Can't you do something?!" pleaded Absolem.
"Sure!" replied Sparky. He proceeded to try and bite through the vines but to no avail.
"Well, I'm fresh out of ideas." he concluded.
"What?! I can't die here… My mother… I'll never see her again…" said Absolem as his eyes filled with tears.
"Maybe I can be of assistance." said a deep, calm voice. In a flash of green, the vines restraining Sparky and Absolem fell to the ground.
"Scythe guy!" cried Sparky happily as the Scyther they met earlier appeared before them.
"I thought you had no interest in rescuing others?" said Absolem.
"I don't, but you two could be of assistance to me." replied the Scyther, and with that, he walked off.
"Yeah, I assisted you, so now you assist me."
"Seems fair." said Sparky.
"By the way, the name's Carter." smirked the Scyther. ""Scythe-Arms" Carter!"
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