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Hi there all, I've been playing since R/S/E and have always been fascinated by shiny pokemon. I like to chain pokémon mostly, although i do have a few RE shiny's. Anyways, i am an on and off player, recently ive chained a lot and caught over 20 shiny's in 2 weeks. My goal is to get my first SR shiny by the end of March, which is a drifloon. My other goal is to succesfully chain a dual slot only pokémon, which are vulpix and shuckle. I havent had much success for three days though, i had a chain of 40 ponyta and my first shiny patch after 89 max repels was on the edge, and i stupidly went to it and it broke. Every chain since has broke into the high twenties or thirties. I am interested in joining this club because i think hunting with a lot of people is more fun than by yourself, and it is uplifting to hear other people's success stories while contributing your own. I wish everybody luck in their current hunts.


Drifloon - 752 Soft Resets
Vulpix - Chain breaks at 29 and 36

I hope my drifloon shines soon. I'm dual sring to make it go by faster. I'm hoping to get one before i hit 4000 resets, but you never know :/
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