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I love Dave and Karkat's chat logs so much, and tossing Terezi in there makes it funnier, because I always liked her interactions with Dave. Still blows my mind that she ended up in a blackrom relationship with Gamzee. I never would've guessed either of them would go that route. xD As for her eyesight, her sprite looks really cute with legit eyes now, and I think it makes things a bit more interesting. I know some of the fandom is torn up about her not being blind anymore, but I don't see the huge deal. Also, it's sad to me that she misses Vriska.


My main one is DirkJake, and other than that I wouldn't mind if John and Vriska ended up together, or Karkat and Terezi. There are a lot of things pairings that I think are cute, A LOT, but those are the three that I would prefer to be canon over others that clash with them.
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