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Originally Posted by CarcharOdin View Post
You can find good ways to get comfy at a computer desk. And really, depending on the genre, keyboard and mouse is a better control scheme to use. Not to mention there's some amazing games on the PC that just plain wouldn't work very well with a controller, EVER. Plus, as Mr. X pointed out, all the modding communities make some really awesome content you can install onto the game and it almost always doesn't cost you a damn thing.

Oh, and getting PC nightmares won't be anywhere near as common if you use "Can You Run It?"
Mm, I will never find a computer desk as comfy as a couch. Typically if I'm getting way too comfortable at my desk, it means my posture is awful so I can't stay that way for long, haha. There are definitely games that are much better on PC (like shooters--I can't stand using controllers for them) but I don't play a whole lot of them and will generally neglect my PC games in favour of games that work well with a controller instead. I'm actually a pretty big fan of Steam's "Big Picture" mode since my computer is hooked up to the TV in the living room right now anyway and it's the only way I can play PC games unless they run on my Mac. (And Macs are not for gaming, I won't even pretend they are.)

"Can You Run It" once told me my netbook would run GTA4. I don't trust it very much, understandably. :P