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Originally Posted by emme_yes View Post
Hi, 1158

Srsly i got the lapras egg when it was going to hatch.... then it turned into a Bad egg why?
I even don't know if this could happen, so, sorry for this, but I may have a look about this.

Originally Posted by Mattysoxfan View Post
I don't know if this was answered yet but I'm going to ask. Is something wrong with the battle music? Or is it just my game? There is loud beeps. Kinda reminds me of MegaMan 2 on the NES when you use game genie and the music is all messed up. Though, this one isn't that bad but it is noticeable.
Yes,the music is a bit damaged for some reasons, but in fact, I'm just worry about that if I fix the music problem, some new errors will be there, so, I'll try to fix it, but it'll not be soon, sorry again for this.

Originally Posted by R94PT View Post
Hi, just cleared the elite4 and now I have updated fot the latest patch so I could have the move dragon pulse, but well heart scales are needed, I searched the map, searched underwater and still only have 3 of them. If you could put them om sale on the black market on ( dont remember the town marble i guess) it would be highly aprecciated.

Also where can we see the physical/special split, I know whick attacks are what by searching on internet and personal experience.

Cheers and great job with this game.
Some Pokemon have Heart Scales with them, so you can get some from some wild Pokemon like Luvdisc, Luvdisc can be easily found near Halfleaf City. Also, I did not insert physical/special icons for the moves, so, it's still not easy to see the physical/special split, sorry.
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