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It was another, glorious day for the little Riolu as she woke up from her slightly comfortable bed of rock. Ok, maybe she had overslept a teensy little bit, but who cares. She stretched, seeing that most other Breakers are already working and all that, as it was obviously halfway empty. She hopped off and wandered to the kitchen, recalling past events.

Brick died, and Bruiser-- er, Brutis, was the new Commander. Of course, him being the new leader would have been too obvious, she idly thought. From the stories she heard, he's pretty wise. And old. Not that it matters. She chuckled, but quickly paused as a familiar Machop tapped her by her shoulder.

"Still haven't evolved yet, shortie?" She asked, sticking out her tongue in playfulness.

"Look who's talking. You haven't even learned aura sphere yet and look at your level!" He retorted, punching her shoulder in return. "Anyway, I heard from Jen that Brutis wants everyone to gather at the practice yard."

"Uh huh." She said, "And?"

"You're going there now?" The Machop said as he pushed her to the direction of the yard, abit roughly. Not that she minded.

"Yeah yeah~" She said, now walking towards, not bothering to look back if her friend was still there or not. She took a deep breath, and ran towards the place where the other Breakers were headed. This was Bruiser's first order, and she guessed it'd be best to follow around.. for now~ Eventually she skidded to a stop, bumping into a Tyrogue. "Oops, sorry." She said, and brushed dust off her fur, looking around while waiting for something to happen.
Location: Practice Yard
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