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Sareli Meliot
Sareli nodded, and proceeded to smile. She drank the last of her Brine Brew, while the two cooks ensured that the jug was safe. "Well, let's see. I want to go to Sludge Mountain because as mentioned by you before, there probably will be a lot of..." Her smile became quite smug as she licked her paw. "...treasure. And as captain of the Crossblade Crew, i would insist on going there, no? But i am not that naive. No, i believe that we should go to the Seasalt Cave. The Spore Grove would work too, but it is far and i do not feel like traveling there now." She paused.

"You might wonder why i am not choosing for the Sludge Mountain. It is because a leader cares about her teammates. You see, i posess a Pecha Scarf. And i don't think you have one. But either way, i'm going to see if we can get you one there so we can go to Sludge Mountain afterwards." Sareli stood up and walked to her bed. Next to it was a wooden cabinet. She opened and took a scarf out. It was quite big, and adorned with a pink Pecha Berry print. The Delcatty sighed, then put it on her head as a bandana. Her ears, however, were sticking out. She walked back slowly.

"I'm going to get this painted purple soon. But yes, this is my Pecha Scarf. Actually, it's so big that i prefer to use it as bandana. However, as soon as i find the hat left for me i will wear that instead. A captain who has not found the hat yet cannot be considered strong or mighty. So..." She sighed again, and unfolded a piece of paper lying under her bed which she took with her. "There's some sort of riddle. It's tradition for a previous leader to write a message to the next one. It's supposed to give a hint to the location of the hat. Here." She put the unfolded paper on the table.

I will give you a great posession of mine.
Never lose it, for you will be the next leader.
The hat is a symbol of might and power.
Hats are there in many kinds, but this one is unique.
Every captain will have to find it to be seen as a true leader.
Gosh, i can't believe it's been so long since i found it!
Rushing across the plains...
Oh, that was a great time.
Those times sadly are not now.
Those times also won't be again, for they already have been.
Old and weak am i, but i trust that you will be able to replace me as leader.
~Captain Olivia 'Golden Wing' Fennlow

"Olivia was a great leader. She was the strongest Swanna i have ever seen. Her wings were extremely sturdy and deadly, earning her the nickname 'Golden Wing'. Either way, i think that this message, although it seems like a normal letter, will give me something to do after visiting the Seasalt Cave and Sludge Mountain. Marek, care to prepare for the mission? We need enough berries for the hopefully short trip."
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