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~Welcome To My PokeLodge Trading Center~

This Is A HUGE Trading Thread, So... Take The Time To Read Everything Please!!

Every Thing Is Free Except For My Events And Ev'ed Pokes Please!!

Trading Events And EV'ed Pokes Status:

Shiny Give Away Status:
On, My Sundays!! 4th Gen. Only!!!!

My FCs

Shiny FC: 5243 7683 6457

Events #1: 3268 0834 1402

Events #2: 3053 3350 5170

Lv 100's: 1764 8448 6507

EM'd FC: 2065 4925 7817

Pl. FC: 5157 8690 3422

Black FC: 4599 5153 0612

#1 White: 0089 9392 6530

#2 White: 1120 7313 7755

#3 White: 0304 6880 1634

#4 White: 2709 8693 1859

Black 2 FC: 4943 3644 1536

White 2 FC: 4513 8674 5468

Ginji = Trading With Me Like
Forever!! He Has An Awesome
Trade Thread!!

Iloveeevee = Help With My
CSS And It looks Great!!

Kandyhot = Scammer And Spammer!!
merfyz = Scammer, Took My
EV'ed Pokes For A Hacked Mew!!


GCA Events I don't have:

GCA #6 Events I Need: ID 60505
PCNY Events I don't have:
Wailord lv100
Pokepark Events I Don't Have:
Poke Center Events (Japan)
Wish Pichu
Charm Ralts
Others (Replacements)
Shiny Deoxys (if you recieved this (lv100 ot FENIX, ID 35534 NN Deoxin) from me, sorry, it's a hack)
Seth Heracross
Jun Psyduck
Ken Psyduck
ShigeShige Psyduck

Any Event That Has *** Beside It!!
Any Other Event I Don't Have Enough Of.
Any EV'ed Poke That's Not On My List.
Trading Times

My Times Are Eastern Please!!
Sunday: My Sunday Shiny Give Away!!
Monday: My Day Off For Updates And Such!!
Tuesday: Regular Trading!!
Wednesday: Regular Trading!!
Thursday: Regular Trading!!
Friday: My Day Off, All Day Mostly!!
Saturday: Regular Trading!!

You're welcome. :) And that's fine since we were trading it's not spam :p
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