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I wanted to give a little update with some of the fun little thing I have added while I fix glitches for the 1.21 release...

in addition to the ditto/mew fan lore I added to the pokedes:

I have added a fun challange based completely in fan lore... BURIEDALIVE

buriedalive is a creepypasta story about an alternate ending (sort of) for the japanese gen 1 games.. its not that I believe the story (i dont, not even a little bit) or even like it... it just got alot of recognition and seemed like something fun to add from a developers point of view...

no it wont crash your game or wreck your rom (i wanted it to give a game over screen but have not figured that out yet) its just a challanging battle with pokemon over lv 90...

there is a video of me fighting it (im around 45-50)

look up the original story to see how ridiculous it is... but its fun to play with

i hope that tides you over until I can release the glitch free 1.21
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