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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
For me personally, I suppose I don't mind alternate forms. Are they starting to get old? Possibly, but to me, there has to be a purpose behind those said forms. I mean, why was it necessary that the Kami trio needed one? I mean, I suppose they all were doing fine without them?

I just want them to all have a reason, is what I'm saying, and not being made just for the heck of it.
I think that generation V should've explained those forms better, as it makes sense as Gods have both human and animal forms in some myths. Also Generation IV/s were well explained, and so were generation III's with Castform's thing being adapting to the weather, and Deoxys to it's environment, and Giratina having different formes between realms as Anti-matter would explode in this I saw it as it turning to a forme more suitable for this world.

Anyways on topic, I would like it if the two legends were masters like Gen II's mascots.
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