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I would say, with four Skyla, playing a Level Ball in here to make Skyla a productive card in the early game is a safe idea. Also, playing Mewtwo EX is a safe addition here as it's still a good card in general. The Baby Keldeo, as you call it, seems to lack the power that it needs to in order to perform well in a deck. Replacing two energy with Prism and playing Victini is probably the safest choice to make to play your best versus different variants of Klinklang. Also, be wary of Garbodor, so a single Tool Scrapper could likely grant you a large enough turn to set up a strong field. Bianca is the supporter of choice over Cheren because you have a lot of control over your hand size with Deluge. Also, fewer Colress seems like a safe idea because you seem to not be able to focus on filling up your bench early enoug to reap the benefits of three Colress with this deck. Two seems to open up more room and saves you from potential bad supporter situations. Other than that, I lack the experience to suggest much more in this deck and the funding to provide you with Tropical Beach.

Also, please save your Darkrai EX while at the event. Though I won't be there, I'd like to trade for them when I see you next.
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