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Hello, and thank you for having me on this forum! I am extremely excited, and look forward to participating!

A bit about myself, I'm a 14 year old boy who has been around the internet for FIVE years. Young, I know. I wish I wasn't exposed, and I wish I didn't grow to be a PC gamer, but what can you do?

As of today, I play Dark Souls, Minecraft, and Team Fortress 2.
I cut down on my gaming ever since 8th grade, and finally got a social life!

On the topic of Pokemon, these games were my childhood. I recall clearing Pokemon games: Yellow, Crystal, Gold, Leaf Green, Fire Red, Pearl, Platinum, Rangers (the one centering around Darkrai), and Black!
I will be receiving Black 2 soon enough and plan to give X/Y a shot.

I watch anime, but will not name them here. Just like videogames, I cut down dramatically on anime, but do plan to begin to watch the anime!

My favorite Pokemon is Glaceon. Uhh... I like adorable pokemon.
I found Glaceon to be adorable, and absolutely love ice type pokemon.
I decided that Glaceon is my primary partner, and I will find her on every Pokemon game playthrough I can. Something told me that Glaceon was going to be my partner, and it is my partner indeed.

It will be a female, and named "Zero", referencing absolute zero, when all molecules completely cease-- the coldest of all temperatures.

My other favorite pokemon are Snivy and Pichu for various reasons.

I guess I've spoken a little too much.
I get carried away, and love talking.
I love making friends, so feel free to be my friend and have a chat with me!
Forgive me for my long self intro, and have a nice day!
(Posted from my phone)
Currently hunting for each Vivillon! Let me know if you have any!
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