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Originally Posted by hackstar View Post
why hacking pokemon red?why not firered?
1. GB/C and GBA hardwares are totally different, making everything work in a different way between the two. And I personally like the restrictions it offers; because of this, we don't have tools that allow us to achieve the wanted changes by just "clicking this button" right here. That would offer no challenges at all and rom hacking is all about being mathematically stimulating learning process! Not everyone just understands it. Unless done like that, it's just game-developing. Some like being game developers, others rom hackers. I want to belong to the latter one.
But of course GBA hacking can be made really difficult too, but the fact stands still that GB/C and GBA engines are not the same.

2. Some people actually like Gameboy graphics!

3. FireRed is overrated. If you wanted to hack a GBA pokemon game, why not hack Emerald instead? Because of a fewer amount of people who have contributed into creating game-specific tools for that game possibly of course...

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