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That one teaser for FFX HD looked a bit underwhelming for me, though. :( I hope the game as a whole really looks touched upon because I'm not sure if they'd make it look good enough for people to buy it. I love FFX, and even though I still wish I could muster the attention span to play FFX-2, I'd still buy the bundle if I can (the International versions sound like pretty good deals). I just hope the lack of news means that they're working on it very profusely.

I'm glad I don't complete games as much as you do, Lightning. ;~; That's gonna be a huge undertaking for sure. I remember attempting to get Lulu's ultimate weapon with the number of lightning strike dodges at that one thunderstorm infested plain in the game, and I just gave up after screwing up twice.

In other news, I've watched all the new Days cutscenes on YouTube and I'm missing a lot of the mission-related parts (Lightning summed it up wonderfully, riiight here) as well as the emotion brought about by some of the boss battles. I wish they at least made some sort of effort to make the boss battles full-blown cutscenes...
Spoiler: they did back in KHII when you fought Roxas right after entering TWTNW. Or at least something like KH's secret movie! I wish the Saix fight was turned into a cutscene. Most importantly, the Xion fight. That was way too emotional for them to take out.