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Eternity Served Cold is amazing. That Doctor remix at the end asdfghjkl. The entire thing gives me the chills. see what i did there

Update (03/21/13):
I just loved the hilarity of the Dave, Terezi and Karkat conversation. Karkat was incredibly mature, Dave was being as cool as he's always been, and Terezi, albeit wasted and having hit rock bottom, was still able to smile at Dave's and Karkat's antics. Oh and Karkat called Dave his best friend now. Who would have thought?

Also, the fandom asked for an explanation on Terezi's restored eyesight and Hussie pretty much gave it the day after. I'm really sad that Terezi's not happy about what she did, and that Gamzee (that bard is seriously everywhere screwing things up, although I think I'm starting to see him as a pretty cool character now, having gotten over his absurd actions) and her became caliginous, but I'm glad Hussie quickly dished the dirt.

Oh and here's another Caliborn intermission intermission. It's getting a bit repetitive but it did make me snicker at some point with the boomerang joke. Wonder what that most recent panel after the intermission means though.
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