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Ahahaha, I had to really think before I got what you meant xD Because you mean that you agree with me, right? lol

BTW I'm replaying the Meenah intermission games just because last time I hasted through them but now I'm taking my time being every character and GAWD. WHAT. IS. THIS? How could I have missed this?

Playing as Meulin talking to Kurloz makes them all of the sudden hypnotizedly talk (after I've given him the COD piece! How come Meulin was the one to find the COD piece in the first place? Where did she get it from?

And then, playing as Kurloz and stepping inside his memory bubble to the north, he MEETS WITH GAMZEE AND DELIVERS THE COD PIECE, THE CROWBAR AND A JUJU CHEST! The fuuuuck?

So Kurloz and Meulin work for Lord English! Whaaat? For how long? Just... I'm confused. Also, Kurloz music is nice.
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