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Originally Posted by Rickyboy View Post
Yes, I mean the party screen, sorry for the confusion. But then I said box menu, to imply that I'd still want to use the normal sized icons for the storage box navigation and the such.

Also, as I mentioned right before the picture, ignore all the other changes like the different directions, health bar sizes and stuff. All it was was a concept I was showing another member of the team, before I even got into essentials and all that. Strictly getting mugshots to work with minor changes to the look of everything, is my primary goal(and unfortunately we have no coder)

So to put it better, my question is how would I go about separating these entities, so that the party menu displays mugshots, but the box displays icons?

Thanks again for any help!
I have little real experience with RGSS and how Essentials is coded, but I'd guess you'd have to change these lines:

to something like:

In which Graphics/Mugshots is the folder containing the mugshots which are named mugshotnumber.png

Haven't tried this out though, so I might be wrong. Seemed very logical to me though.
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