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Gwen Deallus - Raikou dorm

Mark informed Gwen that there would be class lists posted up in the cafeteria. This was excellent as it would serve as a perfect excuse for Gwen to consume copious amounts of breakfast before class and even though she had given a bowl of poke-chow to Amber, Gwen was certain that the little carnivore wouldn't turn her nose up at some proper meat.

"Ah, the cafeteria well.. yeah that makes sense actually. I probably should have thought of that." said Gwen, slightly embarrassed.

Wondering if the two other Raikou dorm members would also be headed that way she added;

"Well then, I'll be off to the cafeteria, for some breakfast and a look at that list. How about you two? I'm guessing you both already know your classes?"

Gwen wondered absently whether either Mark or Iny would be in the same classes as her. It would certainly be useful if they were, and would give a good opportunity to get to know the members of her dorm a little better.
Excited and slightly nervous about what classes she would be allocated, she stood silent, but restlessly as Mark and Iny decided whether the three of them would be heading to the cafeteria together.
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