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Quote originally posted by ★Hoenn★:
That is so epic. That Why-Well-Tell is so epic.

Not going off-hand, but I really think that that Delibird Packing Co. could use a good flag. Also, why not make the entrance into the tent fully a beak? Judging by the quality of the pixels, it is very professional, and deserves an award. You, sir, have to get a Medal for this kind of business.

I in particular like that Yveltal icon, perhaps you can make the second frame? It really looks in shape, and I assume you've used the same colours of the regular palette? Anyhow, it looks great!

You'd better coin in some CSS for the thread, man.

Haha thanks a lot ;D tbh I don't really plan on changing the design but thanks for the suggestions

and for the icon I suppose I could, it only has the one frame atm because the game i made it for only uses the one frame as of right now

I will start to code in some css eventually but I'm too lazy atm XD

Quote originally posted by TheLadyHum:
Wow, I've only just started looking at Pixel Art, and I'm already super-inspired! The tutorial is really helpful because I actually wouldn't know where to start, I'd probably start from the top and just draw away, never really getting anywhere because everything was horribly proportioned.

I'm sure there'll be a place for sprites somewhere in X and Y, at least I hope so - it's such a core part of the pokemon gaming experience!

glad I could help put somewhat!

I wish there would be sprites in xy but I have a feeling that there wont be :/

And heres something new :D

Made this as a present for my friend Zerudez on deviantart for his 21st birthday, its of his fakemon Wolverize :D

.:Sprite Thread
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