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^ No, I don't get it... :-/

Anyway, let's do this!

First things first, I fully confirm my team. Not sure if I did it formally enough the first time.

Now, a quick intro to my game of choice. Pokemon Manly Pink is a FR hack with only Unova Pokemon (before obtaining the National Pokedex). The starters are Snivy, Oshawott and Pokabu. You can fight N and Bianca (named Belle in this) throughout the story as well as your rival and... you know what? Let's just start this thing already.

OK, so:

- I'm a boy named Kay, my rival's name is Tyler.

- picked Oshawott, as Samurott is a required member of my team.

- Oshawott is a Docile female. I... didn't do it on purpose, I swear.

- nicknamed Oshawott Gwen. Gwen kicked Snivy's ass. I'm in love with her already.

- Pokedex, Oak's old bones, he wants us to spend our youths fulfilling his dreams. Excellent fable, countryman.

- I made out with Tyler's sister and got the Town Map from her.

- in the Viridian Pokemon Mart, there's a lady giving you a Zorua egg. THAT'S RIGHT. A ZORUA EGG. BEFORE VIRIDIAN FOREST, *****ES. However, it's not a member of my assigned team, so I boxed it.

- instead, I caught myself a Patrat. Wanted to name it redeyesofdoom, but settled for Meeko (you know, after that incredibly annoying animal from the Pocachontas movies).

I have never in my life used a Patrat, so this is going to be interesting. It does get a useful combination, namely Hypnosis-Work Up-Baton Pass. But I don't know if the hacked moves are exactly the same as the Bulbapedia moves, so...

- Anyway, there are Blitzles in the route before the Pokemon league (love how half of my team is available so early) so I went there and caught a Naughty male one which immediately showed interest in Gwen. -ahem- I named the Blitzle Zazebra.

- Defeated Tyler, but it was too close. Two of my Pokemon fainted to his Snivy. It was actually Meeko who saved the day (not having any type disadvantage or the problem of Snivy resisting his attacks). Can't wait to teach Blitzle Flame Charge (which is Flame Wheel in this version, I think.)

- Useless how-to-catch-a-Pokemon tutorial.

- Viridian Forest!

- Freebie Lucky Egg!

- While training in Viridian Forest, I actually -lost- a battle there, not to a trainer,
but to a wild Pokemon: a lv 8 Durant (yes, there are Durants in Viridian Forest).

- In the end, after healing and pulling our levels up a little, we approach the end of Viridan Forest, where we are stopped by... none other than N, THE KING OF TEAM PLASMA HIMSELF. He chats for a while about how he wants Pokemon and people to coexist happily, and then challenges us to a battle :-/. He has a Vanillite and a Zorua; his Pokemon are holding Lum Berries, and he uses godforsaken Hyper Potions and Full Heals. We haven't even tackled the godforsaken first gym yet! (The battle is actually really simple if you have a fighting type, and there are Timburrs just before Vidirian Forest.)

- Pewter City!

- Save. The Pewter City gym is really weird in this version, and I'm a bit worried about a particular Pokemon in it, so I'm grinding for a while.