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Originally Posted by StinkomanFan View Post
Guys, OK. I REALLY need someone for Sigil to interact with, he can't go to the Pokemon's city when his cover's blown every three steps, so he needs somebody to take him there.
Well, Nicolas is moving towards the North Exit, and Turnip's just interrupted him. Perhaps if Sigil could make his way over to near there, Nicolas could order Turnip to escort Sigil just to get him out of the way?

I mean, Turnip's going to be asking important questions behind the war's reasoning, so I doubt Nicholas Cage Nicolas will really be wanting Turnip around him. That sound like decent reasoning to you, SF? And DI?

Oh, and nice speech EK. PROPAGANDAAAAAA- aghem. Yeah, getting some Braveheart vibes towards the end, there :p
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