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(Joint post with Fuyu, anything in first person is Tac's pov, 3rd person is Olivia's)

Olivia let out a sudden wince and her line dragged downward. Oof, that was... that was definitely a big mistake. This was only the sketch version... but still. She didn't want to have that possibly ruining her shading. Did I bring my eraser with me? Putting her pencil over the paper, she dove into her bag. Her legs swung back and forth, tapping shoes against metal. Balance, not being one of her best qualities, didn't instantly kick in and she nearly fell out of the chair. Thankfully, she grabbed the edge of the table... just in time to blow away her sketch paper.

Olivia panicked mentally, trying to stand up and grab for it before it hit the floor. "Ah..." she had to hurry and get it before she had to restart and the colors changed...

I looked up to see if the group of girls had gotten on the ride, a pice of paper blew onto the table I was sitting at. I picked it up and examined it. It was an unfinished drawing, I looked around to see who it came from and saw a girl approaching. I won't be able to speak to her... I worried, and I won't be able to answer if she thanks me... so I quickly grabbed my tablet and pen.

Olivia let out a sigh of relief at the sight of a boy. He had grabbed her paper, lucky for her. "Thanks so much," she murmured, giving the boy a nervous smile. "I needed that. Good catch." In his spare hand was a tablet and pen. Maybe he liked to draw too. Or he was in an art class or something. He was probably good too. Maybe he could show her how to draw rivers. She always put the lines in the wrong place.

I opened up the drawing app and wrote, "No problem." and smiled. I then wrote, "It is a good drawing." I wasn't much of an artist myself, and I found her incomplete drawing to be better than anything I could draw.

She watched him scrawl the words and gently took her paper back. Olivia flushed softly. "Oh... well, thank you very much!" Looking around anxiously, Olivia pointed at the chair. "Um... would you like to sit down?" The girl decided at the second she had made the offer not to ask about the use of the tablet. Everyone had things that were different about them. It would be cruel of her, of all people, to make a comment. Therefore, she carefully put the drawing in a folder and put her work away. She would try to give him as much of her focus as she could... until a butterfly would come by of course.

I sat down and wrote, "Sorry about the tablet." Showed it to her then continued, "I am a mute." Showed her again, "Then wrote, I can not speak." Then I wrote, "Are you riding the ferris wheel?" She wasn't as critical as anyone who had spoken at me before.

She read the words slowly and smiled. "You don't have to apologize." To her, it wasn't too big of a deal. "It's not like it's your fault, you know..." This boy sure was nice. Would he be nice to Joey too? Olivia always wondered about that. Did people like Olivia because she was a girl or Joey because he was... girly? Girl-like? Eh... it was something to be thought about all the time. Olivia found herself looking up at the ferris wheel and grimacing. The face made her muscles twinge. She really did dislike looking depressed.

"Well... I was," she admitted. "But... those girls that were over there... they kind of scared me..." A sheepish laugh left her lips. "People sure can be mean, huh?" She did know, if she had been Joey at the moment, she would have been just as much of a mouse, but they would have fawned over him like leeches. It would have been... horrible.

I smiled, and nodded. People were mean, and I guess it was no coincidence that they wer mean to everyone. I wrote down, "I had problems with them too." I rubbed the side of my face, that girl had quite the arm. I then wrote, "Still, why would they bother us again?" I could see they were getting on the ride, so I wrote, "And look they are getting on now." The whole time I was smiling.

She looked at him with a rather flat sort of puzzlement. "Because they can," Olivia said softly, venom tinting her voice a fraction. Olivia let her thoughts chase her away for a moment. Then she tilted her head, looking puzzled. Her green eyes flickered and she grinned dazedly. "You have a nice smile." For a moment, she was quiet. Then her cheeks colored pink and Olivia hid her face, looking embarrassed. "S-Sorry..."

I laughed, I'd never been complimented on my smile before. I wrote down "Thank you" and showed her, then wrote, "What is your name?"

Olivia's cheeks darkened further. She hadn't even said her name yet... what should she say? What if he met Joey? "... Olivia." She smiled again. "Olivia Evans. Who are you?"

I wrote down the name, "Tacent, but my nickname is pronounced T-ah-k" Some people would accidentally call me take and that always bothered me. I then wrote down, "Are you in an art class or something?"

"Tac," she tried, smiling to herself. "You can call me Liv." This was weird. Olivia had as few attachments as Joey did cats, a grand total of three. But they weren't friends, they were Kyle and his coworkers at Starbucks. Would this be a friend? Joey had friends, bu Liv... Olivia hadn't needed them. She shouldn't have. She was... Free after all. "Yeah," she finally said., pulling herself from her thoughts. "Just a high school class. I love to draw! What do you like to do?"

I wrote down, "Since I can't speak, I play a lot of instruments to express myself." I shook my hand, it was getting pretty tired. I'd never really had to write this much, and it was both awesome and refreshing. I decided to switch to my left hand. I was ambidextrous, but I preferred using my right hand for writing. I continued, "I play the guitar, piano, and violin."

"That's cool," she murmured. "I can't play at all." Nervously, she tugged at a curled lock. " Am I wearing you out? Sorry... I'm not used to this." She wasn't talking about his muteness, though admittedly, even to her, it was an odd experience of a conversation. She had never been with someone one-on-one for this long. Heck, not even Joey had been in a conversation with someone new for this long without someone tackling him over his own chair. It was... rather humiliating, if he was to be truthful.

Crap, that thought was not in the way it was meant to be.

I looked at the ferris wheel and no longer really felt like getting on it anymore. It seemed like we were talking for a long time, well she was talking for a long time, I was writing for a long time. I wondered if she would enjoy going Richard's coffe shop, since I'd be able to order there it would be good for me. So I wrote, "Hey there's a coffe store down the street." Showed her then wrote, "The owner understands sign language"

I then signed Do you know sign language to see if there was a chance she did.

"Eh?" For a moment, she was puzzled. Someone was inviting her... someone wanted to take her somewhere? How... how strange. Then he moved his hands. For a moment, Olivia frowned, not entirely sure. Then, Joey's eyes flickered beneath the contacts and Olivia smiled. She remembered now. Yes, she answered slowly, hands a little clumsy. She rarely had to use sign language after all. I would like to go with you. The familiar snug buds in her ears itched. She had forgotten they were in there, her hearing aids. She just put them in and forgot about them. Every day. It had been so often now.

Olivia turned her head to the side as much as she could, letting Tac see the rather plain-looking hearing aid resting in one of her ears. Then she did the same to the other, before smiling at him. Just in case these are gone.

I smiled, it was very rare for people to be able to sign. I nodded then stood up. I still preferred writing, but still it was something. Just follow me I signed.
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