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I don't really see the problem with just moving without diagonally, but I do wish Fly and Dive were more interactive to give us some 3D movement (3D=XYZ directions). I mean, during HG/SS, the dive application was more interactive, but the movement underwater was less than satisfactory. There wasn't any thick seaweed to travel through to find Pokemon, it was more like a cave.

I also wish Flying was more interactive. Why not let us move over the sky with our Flying Pokemon carrying us? Why not use the air as another area to interact with Pokemon? Have certain areas be filled with flying and dragon Pokemon capable of flying and make it as the sky is the only place to catch certain pokemons. There could also be a new weather pattern put into effect up in the sky, High Winds. All Pokemon except for Flying types move at half speed and they take some damage as well.

An since the Pokemon games are always trying to find a way to let players catch the legendaries they caught before in their new games, the new Weather Trio and Rayquaza could be up in the sky in their own little temples. Rayquazas could actual be the top of spiral tower from Ruby Sapphire. In fact, this application of air travel could be used in the Hoenn Reboot. Allowing for newer flying types and dragons to be found in Hoenn, as well as giving a more interactive feature to the games. Add this to the Dive app they had before, creating an entire area underwater.

Maybe the new game could have half of Lilycove and all of Mossdeep flooded. This way you could travel through the waters of the sea, as well as dive underwater to explore the ruins of these lost towns. There could be air pockets in places with a lot of rooms like the Art gallery and the Department Store.

Maybe Fallabor and Lavaridge could be covered in Ash and magma. Maybe you could use a Pokemon with Dig to explore the ruins there and learn about what had happened. The inhabitants of these lost cities could be relocated to new cities, like a Desert City for Lavaridge and the People of Fallabor could move to the mountain pass next-door.

The city of Pacifilodge could be the new bustling metropolis, having survived the flood and everything.

The ruins of Hoenn could have been made by the aftermath of Kyogre and Groundon's inevitable battle.

This might be a bit of a huge plot twist, especially when the last reboots were purely mechanic reboots and not story reboots, and the idea of a post-apocatalyptic Pokemon world is kind of already a Land of Orre thing, not a traditional Pokemon game.

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