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Chief Lynn Hawkeswood
The table was decorated with copious amounts of bowls with different species of berries inside of them. Pitchers, platters, bottles, plates, glasses, and cutlery, were placed all across the table in a service à la française style and the candles scattered wherever there was room between them, with the little flames wavering along with the motion of the pokémon at the dinner table. The kitchen staff was manned by four of the members of the Woodland Wanderers. In fact, given the membership tally, everyone had their own special roles alongside their foremost roles as explorers.

The gruffy Breloom sat next to Lynn. Ewan was Lynn's second in command. He was there long before Lynn had even entered the guild, already fully evolved even. In fact, most members didn't even remember the day he joined, or even when he evolved from Shroomish, except perhaps for the previous chief, who was at least two decades older than anyone else in the Woodland Wanderers, and Ewan couldn't have been any younger than 35 himself. He was a venerable old salt, knew the guild inside out, was familiar with all of the folklore and the entire in-culture of the Woodland Wanderers. In fact, he was kind of like the type of guy who would be sitting at a corner table in the pub, whom none of the tenants ever saw entering, and none ever saw leave, who's seen the guild grow and change and might even be quietly disgusted by the 'kids these days' in the guild, no doubt Lynn included. Some said he lived, breathed, and talked Woodland Wanderers. There was no doubt he envied Lynn for taking his entitled position as chief of the guild. Yet practically, he was more in charge than she was. He controlled the guild. He did most of the accounting and the regular buying in to fill up the kitchen supplies, and everything. He had the experience necessary to advise Lynn on guild matters when she needed it, educated her regularly on the history of the guild, and most of all, he was respected by the lower ranks, the perfect linking pin between the chief and the folks below.

Lynn did have strategic thinking as her advantage though. She could propose a plan, and he would execute it with surgical precision. In short, they were a dynamic duo. Perhaps better than the Abomasnow Lance, and the Swampert Eleanor, who were first and second in command before they left over whatever it was. Surely the mysterious fall of the upper ranks and the anomalous increase of bad pokémon in the mystery dungeons had to be correlated somehow, and there was a good reason why the Woodland Wanderers had been thrown off the cliff to crash down from their glory days when there were more than 20 pokémon sitting in the great hall at this time of day. But of course, she was too young to have seen that. As Ewan said: "Those were the days." Lynn grumbled and she sipped some from the Grepa wine and ate with the rest of her score of men -- and mostly men -- instead of worrying about the hectics all day.

The pokémon finished eating their meals soon, and the chattering was interrupted by the occasional burp here and there, and clanks when a few volunteered to stack up the dishes and bring them back to the kitchen area, Lynn and Ewan themselves included. The Breloom paced up next to Lynn, holding a stack of 5 plates within his short paws. "Oi, Lynn!" he called out. Lynn slowed her gait for the Breloom to catch up, wondering what news he had to tell her. "Were you planning on going on a mission soon? I saw ya staring at the jobs board for a while." Lynn oh'd. That was what it was about. "I was just looking. That thing has been tacked with more requests than ever," she replied. The Breloom gave a nod when the two entered the kitchen area and placed the dirty dishes in the sink. "That's true," Ewan nodded. "You mean you want to go on a mission, with me?" The ampharos inquired. The tip of her tail lit up in a dim carmine colour. "Well, yeah, no...sure," Ewan retorted. The Kangaroo-like mushroom pokémon felt unsure, but he wouldn't reject the offer. They left through the door. A treecko ran past them, carrying 8 or so glasses, which stuck perfectly onto his little suction cup hands. They walked over to the jobs board.

"There's one that's pretty close to our hall, chief. In the Deep Ferrum woods," Ewan pointed at the mission. Lynn just squinted her eyes at the suggestion. "That's right by the Stealthy Sneakers," she responded, with a slight tone of distrust. She never liked them; pernicious little buggers they were. She couldn't trust them to ever be up to any good. "How about this one? An artifact stolen from an Alakazam and traced to be stashed at the Lorelein Sepulchre. That's just east of Medius."
"Pretty close to the Crossblade crew, ya know."
"Well, I can half tolerate them."
"Plenty of ghost types are gonna be there, but we should be fine, right?"
"Indeed. We should pack and head out there."

The Ampharos trotted off, leaping up the stairs to her private quarters to prepare her personal supplies for the journey.
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