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So Pokemon don't die in a battle. They just 'faint'. Does this mean that they actually faint(and if so how) or just take enough damage that they lose the will to keep fighting?

If you watch the anime you can clearly see them going X_X which indicates that they are knocked out.
In the games though, when you choose to battle with a fainted Pokemon the console says that 'There is no will to battle'. Besides that, the Pokemon that got out of battle and has 0 HP can still use HMs like Fly which means that it didn't faint. This would mean HP is willpower.

Also, the anime shows that the Pokemon that get knocked out, instantly stand up and are just okay. They just can't get in battle again. Like, Pikachu gets knocked out and goes X_X but when Ash takes him in his arms he instantly 'wakes up'. So, he couldn't have passed out if he recovered after 30 seconds.

In addition, fainting wouldn't be very logical to happen. Fainting could happen if you got hit on the head so your brain hit your skull or due to extreme exhaustion. Most Pokemon attacks hit the body as a whole, not only the head to cause a knock out. It's not boxing. So, how can they get knocked out if they aren't hit on the head? It can't be pain. Pain rarely ever causes someone to faint. Exhaustion is kinda logical but Pokemon can get knocked out after only 2 hits so how exhausting would it be to fight for 2 turns? It's not like they are running a marathon. Even if it was exhaustion, this would mean HP is stamina which would come in contrast with the willpower theory above.

Even if HP was willpower though it still wouldn't make much sense as willpower isn't something stable. Pokemon may be more willing to fight a fight over another due to many factors. Since HP is a stable numerical amount, it can't be willpower because willpower often changes. Like, I will have more willpower to win a fight if I know I am saving someone's life instead of if I know I am going to get a chocolate.

Anyway, what do you think?

1. What happens to Pokemon in a battle? Do they lose the will to fight or do they get knocked out flat?

2. What's HP? Is it the inherent toughness of the Pokemon? Is it the ability to quickly recover from a hit and bounce back? Is it stamina? Is it willpower? Is it the strength to lift yourself from the ground after you got hit?
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