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Quote originally posted by heretostay123:
If there's anybody who hasn't made their first post, would you care to make a joint post/travel with Hector?
I think deathbymanga was interested in joint posting with someone :) I would like to do the museum quest together with someone after maybe my next post.

Quote originally posted by PresentPastFuture:
Okay, I fixed my careless mistake xD I guess I just assumed that Pine was a male due to the usual tradition of male professors :) (with the exception of Juniper)

Sorry if i am asking for too much, but if you have the time, do you think you can make me one of those banners for my posts? Its really nice and fancy-looking lol
Accepted! Go ahead and begin posting whenever you want :)

I can do. What color do you want? Perhaps the red one that was used together with the Johto Male before? ^^

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