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These are the few good important points I could think of :

★Game Development isn't exactly the 'in' right now. Because Hacking is what people prefer, obviously since it's been here longer and there are way more sites than just PC which spotlight hacking. Someway or the other, we'll have to spread to other people.

Most people don't like Game Dev because, like, first they think it is advanced programming and they just leave it off, or they find the price tag of the RMXP (xD). Only the few clever people who don't use RMXP or, get it one way or the other go on to make a cool game.

★Of course, the above point only covers Pokémon games, and other kinds of GD are rare, especially in Pokémon fansites, so, what can we expect? The thing is, without proper help a beginner will find it really hard to move up, so there should be many tutorials, yeah. I think the starter kit was one of the best ideas ever, but it also leaves people stranded, and they'll start making Games out of the base it gives, and won't think of adding their own features and actually learn something. This is mainly because of the lack of tutorials, and I strongly feel that something can be made out of a few good tutorial implementations for the basics.

★More people get easily discouraged because there are less number of peers, and that might also strand them. This would work in a bad way, because say someone got RM2K3, he wouldn't find much support from someone else, since most people try out RMXP.

TBH, I would like to say more about what can be seen here. Like, first things first :

★An implementations of a bunch of starting-out tutorials, like the one made by Abnegation. Actually, there should be a tutorial for showing the workings of Ruby Script Editor of RMXP, like a come-along with Essentials. Also a few guidelines on where to start below the heading - "Welcome to Game Development!"

★Might I also suggest adding up a Help thread in the main forums, along with some kind of a "General Game Development Discussion Thread". Also, there should be people on lookout for beginners and encourage them however they can, because, frankly, if we wanna make Game Dev big, e'll need more people here.

That's my views, for now.
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