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Minor update time!

Firstly, I've uploaded a new video. It's nothing terribly exciting, but it's a big deal for me, after all the setbacks and annoyances it took to get the thing to work in the first place. A new song! And not just any new song - it's a custom song, written by a dear friend of mine especially for Super Rising Thunder. Introducing Battle! Stranger Rowan!

And now you know why, in the Alpha release, this battle used the default RSE Rival theme. The custom song wasn't quite ready yet '

In other minor news...

-You actually hear the cry of a Pichu during the intro now, rather than that of an Azurill
-There's a new swamp tileset! Also, the second part of the six-segment World Map is also now in the game and works beautifully.
-Finished a large cutscene script where the Hero has to wake up Pansy and Mjolnir, and we see the rest of Rowan and Ozymandias' one-sided conversation...also, there's a little bit more poetry!
-A single-target version of the Explosion Trap can now be encountered in dungeons. colcolstyles wrote the ASM for this a while back, but it's only now starting to show up within the game. Watch your step...
-A mini-game trap that will require the Rocks you win in battle in some way, but I haven't quite figured out the game's nature yet. Anything I can some up with seems very prone to save-state abuse ' Anyone have any ideas?
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