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Quote originally posted by MidnightShine:
well guys 2013 has been a bad year for me here at pc and nothing is going in the right way. all these nonsense that i need not know and care about, all i know now. and just screw it.

so ill be gone for a month or probably two. maybe ill drop by once in a while but with invisible on. and vms ill rarely reply to so dont bother to vm me

so kay bye guys
I was wondering where you went, felt empty on PC. Goodbye for now mid. Good to take things off your mind and I hope to see you back whenever you feel better. PC will miss you.
Quote originally posted by Tackle:
Well, guys, I'm going to leave PC for a while, because of my parents.
They want me to go to Singapore with them, I don't want to but I can't refuse.
I'll miss you guys and I hope this trip to Singapore will be fun.

I think I'll be back around 20th April or earlier, see ya guys, see ya PC.

EDIT: Also, if I posted after this and before 20th April, that means my brother's messing my account lol.
See you later George. Have fun in Singapore and we'll see you when you get back!

Quote originally posted by Lady Gunner:
To be quick, This is gunnerpow7 and I am planning to switch accounts with this one. If anybody wants to refriend me, that would be aprreciated and if anybody would be kind to transfer all of my emblems, that would be cool.

Thanks ::::* <3
Already refriended you Gunner!

paired to hikamaru
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