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Captain Sareli Meliot

"Marek, i don't think you quite understand. The hat is something passed down from captain to captain. It's a very important symbol and a captain who has never found the hat will be forgotten. However, i know you have a reason for not understanding. And i don't really mind! You are a good member and i might promote you to First Mate sometime. Either way, i believe we should go." Sareli took the bag of berries and walked outside. She turned around slowly, looking inside. "Well, Marek? You coming?" she said while chuckling a bit. This was probably going to be fun, since she hadn't been on a mission for a while. She ran until she came through Atarip town, where she slowed down to give Marek a chance of cathing up. Following the shore, she eventually got to the entrance of the Seasalt Cave.

"Alright," she said to herself. "Marek should be here in a moment. Until then, I guess I have some time to kill." So, she slowly entered the large cave. Her footsteps echoed, although the sand did make the sound a bit more faint. She made sure to go not too far, and started waiting. There should be some Pokemon coming, right? After a while, five Nincada were on the ground next to her. She grinned and took their belongings while walking back to the entrance. Still no sign of the Throh. Dang, she probably ran a little bit too fast. Oh well. The Delcatty sat down and leaned against the rock wall. She closed her eyes. The bright sun shone on her indigo fur, and the waves made a relaxing sound. Slowly, she began to fall asleep, but it was only when a Ninjask attacked her that she woke up. Quickly, she defeated the weak Ninjask. However, she was sure that this was only a stray weakling, and that the real strong Pokemon were inside with the Scyther...

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