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Originally Posted by ɯɐǝq ɹǝpʎɥ View Post
I would remove Hetran because it dosen't look of seem like a legendary I didn't even know it was one untill looking at this list it's just a disgrace.
D'aww, but Heatran is cool! I admit, he certainly isn't a Pokémon that I'd class as legendary, especially since there's so many of him, but I would hate to see him go! If the topic is referring to making a legendary Pokémon non-legendary then I'll go with Heatran too because he just doesn't strike me as legendary-worthy, but if we're removing a Pokémon all together I'll go for Giratina! That thing's ugly and his origins are pretty dull compared to the others, but I really dislike his typing. He's most certainly my least favourite legendary overall so he'd be first on my list to go :p
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