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Captain Sareli Meliot

Sareli looked shocked at the sight of the Poliwhirl suddenly attacking. She readied her claws, but by the time she was ready to strike, the fight was already over. The Throh started to speak. "Did you see his eyes? Unlike anything I've seen before, especially on a Poliwhirl..." he asked. The Delcatty then nodded in response. "Yeah, they're strange... Anyways, Marek. Pay attention. Do you hear the water dripping? The more water you hear, the deeper we are getting. So, you will need to listen and we'll get there so-" Sareli was suddenly interrupted as a Wartortle hit her in the back. She fell to the ground. She could hear the waterdrops hitting the puddle next to her while lying on the cold hard ground. The Wartortle laughed maniacally, while standing on the Delcatty's back. However, Sareli rolled causing the Wartortle to fall down. "Aaaugh! Why'd you do that?" he screamed. Sareli looked angrily at the Pokemon. "Well, why did you do that? You clearly do not understand who this is." She licked her paw, then readied her claws and jumped on him, while using Scratch. The Wartortle used Pound as answer to her attack, but Sareli used Faint Attack followed by Assist. Which got her Double Team. Not what she had hoped for, but it was something. She then tried to get Marek away by walking a little bit further into the cave, and used Sing on the Wartortle. He promptly fell asleep, and Sareli used another Scratch. And another one. And another one. The Wartortle soon fainted, and Sareli took the little Poké she got off him. "Marek, follow me." she said as she walked further into the cave.
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