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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
How is it more Logical that 5 is better than 6? We don't work for the company so we have absolutely no say in what is logical or not when it comes to their games.
When I was researching the rosters from the first three titles, I noticed that a new row is added within each title. We currently have 4 rows in Brawl, which was why the Mario series was reverted to only 4 reps rather than 5 in Melee, which means they'll have up to 5 reps for Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon in SSB4 because of the theorized 5th row.

Based on rumors I've heard though, its only Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and 1 5th Gen Pokemon. Victini, Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem are supposed to be trophies/World obstacles like how Dialga and Palkia were in Brawl.

Zoroark and one of the Musketdeers were the rumored thirds from what I remember seeing.
The lack of a 6th gen rep makes me feel suspicious about this rumor. Perhaps TPCi will have to intervene with Sakurai's development by requesting him to add a 6th gen rep, possibly Sylveon, like they did with Lucario to promote Gen IV. Further more, 3 reps is too few for one of Nintendo's best-selling franchises.

But I heard there were over 50 characters this time too, so they could be adding way more than that from each Nintendo Series games a lot of them from older games. (Someone said the guy from Balloon Fight was going to be in it)
Strange, didn't Sakurai said that there will be less new characters this time around because he wants to focus on rebalancing the current character roster? That contradicts the rumor of having more than 50 characters, which makes sense on why he says this because one of my research also showed that the there is a 10 digit pattern for each title. 64 has 12, Melee has 25, and Brawl has 35, so Sakurai wants to add less new characters to adds SSB4's roster up to around 40 (about 43-45 characters to be exact).

They are also doing something brand new with the cross platform link up so we may get shafted on character selection since the Capcom inclusion idea keeps jumping from bad to good and back to bad in Sakurai's head. We've got a while to wait and we'll see some footage in June which excites me cause I wanna see what rumors are true. But as far as Pokemon is concerned, based on rumors we're getting between 3 and 8 as there was one about bringing back all the Pokemon so far plus some new ones.
They said they'll only show off screenshot in this year's E3, but even those may not be enough because I know they'll only show Mario, Link, Kirby, and Pikachu as the main focus much like the beginning of Melee's intro and Brawl's teaser trailer.
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