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Tropius would defnitely be one of tham. Even though I hate bananas I could eat tham fo sustenance and its leaves would provide valuable cover from tha sun. It's also very tall at 6'7 so I could climb it and use tha height ta mah advantage.

Mah second choice would have ta be Suicune. Is legendary pokemon even allowed? But eithar way, Suicune has tha ability ta purify water - somethng very important - and produce wnd, which while not necessary, would make mah life stranded on an island much more enjoyable.

Last would be Lurideio. Besides tha fact that it's strong and would be able ta defend me from anythng that might hurt me on tha island, it could help me collect materials fo a fire and such thngs like that. It also learns valuable moves like Heal Pulse which would be important if I gots njured somehow.