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Mako Reese and Cecilia (Gin) Reese

Mako didn't dare interrupt the reunion between the girls, it would prove too dangerous. Instead, he distanced himself from them. "So many girls..." He said with a look of fear about him. Cecilia, who was on his back, clocked him in the head with her fist. "OW! Would you stop hitting me? That hurts!?" She rubbed the back of his head. He couldn't see her, but he knew that she had that pathetic look that she always had on her face when something bad was going on. Then, she tapped him on the shoulder. He looked back at Cecilia and said, "What is it?" She was pointing behind them, as if she wanted Mako to turn around. "Ceci, the girls'll leave us behind of we go backwards."

It didn't matter at this point. Not long after Mako uttered his words, he heard footsteps off in the distance. They were moving fast, and they seemed to be carried by anger. Mako turned around just in time to see a man running at him with a lance. He was nearly pierced by the blade, but he managed to parry the blade. "What the hell!?" He yelled. The man carrying the blade seemed to have his face mostly covered in cloth, save for his eyes. He was fast, but he was definitely human. It seemed that he didn't just have a lance, but he also had a sword with in his right hand. He reminded Mako of the men that attacked him a few days ago, the men with weapons that managed to pierce his skin. It wasn't the first time, either. A man, one whose name Mako couldn't recall, did the same some time ago. He knew that they were related somehow, but without knowing who they were, it didn't matter what he knew about their relation.

Mako jumped back. "Ceci, lock your legs around me." Cecilia complied, and clutched her legs around Mako's torso with considerable strength. The swordsman lunged at Mako with his lance. He dodged, but was hit in the temple by the hilt of the swordsman's sword. He lost his balance, but caught himself to as to avoid crushing Cecilia. The swordsman didn't let up, slashing his sword like a madman. Mako could barely escape the onslaught, but managed to crawl away.

"This is pathetic," Said a familiar voice. Mako looked around, trying to figure out where the voice came from. It wasn't the swordsman. It wasn't the girls, who were luckily still a relatively close distance away due to their reduced walking speed. It wasn't Cecilia. That pretty much narrowed it down to the most unlikely of sources. By the time he had figured it out, it was too late. He let his guard down, and he lost consciousness.

Kraus and Cecilia (Gin) Reese

"Man that kid is a terrible fighter! I mean, this guy's good and all, but seriously! He better be glad he has me here to save his arse!" Kraus, now controlling a red-eyed Mako's body, said while cracking his knuckles. "Didn't think I'd be used to controlling a human body so easily or seeing, but this all seems pretty natural." He turned his attention to the swordsman and took a fighting stance, bading him to come forward. The swordsman obliged, and he took to attack yet again. He lunged at Kraus with the spear, but Kraus didn't move. Instead, Kraus knocked the lance off to the side and immediately rushed towards his assailant. He didn't waste any time, and he immediately released a Dark Pulse, which sent the masked man flying backwards. Kraus laughed and set off running for the man. The attacker was sturdy, that was to be sure, as he was able to stop his flight by plunging his sword into the ground.

Kraus stopped. He looked at the man and pondered a few things. Namely, whether he should kill the man or not. He didn't exactly have many morals, and this guy was certainly weaker than those that attacked Mako before. That, or he was stronger. It was likely the latter case, as he had just evolved. Well, his pondering came to an end when the man...disappeared. It wasn't completely sudden, he had used some sort of smoke ball, but he was a lot faster than Kraus gave him credit for. "Hm." He was a little disappointed, but what was done was done. He started back towards the direction of the girls and said, "You did good back there, little sis. I'm Kraus, you're other big brother." Cecilia tilted her head, not really understanding what Mako, or rather, Kraus was talking about, but he went on. "Mako's sleeping right now...I'm kinda like the red-eyed demon inside him. But I wouldn't hurt you, I'm not that evil." Not even Kraus was sure if he was lying, but he felt soothed by Cecilia's presence. He shared Mako's feelings for her, which was strange, because it was their first time meeting. Maybe it was something he adopted from Mako, or maybe he just liked the companionship.
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