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A catch up post with some bunnying I have permission for

Issac Milke - Volcanic cave -> Dorms

As Issac and C.J. made their way to the end of the cave, light shined illuminated the what was dark when they entered. Issac looked back at C.J.
"-No way. It's morning." Issac exclaimed as he grabbed for Coal's pokeball, withdrawing him. "We have to dart."

C.J. nodded at him as the two started to sprint out of the cave, Ax and Ace trailing behind.
"I am by far from prepared for the day!" Issac said to C.J. as the two descended down the mountain.
"It'll be fine." C.J. replied shortly. There was definitely tension from their disagreement earlier. "Not much further, here's the sign." C.J. pointed out as the passed the sign marking the entrance to the mountain path.

The two emerged from the mountain path and continued to the dorms at full pace stopping at the Raikou entrance. No further words were said. Issac nodded at C.J. and entered the building, making his way to his room without looking back.

I hope all this will blow over...

Issac entered his room and changed into fresh clothes.

Will have to shower later. Have to eat and get to class.
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