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These are excellent questions. Like really. I've never really thought about the deep, intense part of pokemon fainting. But here's my take on it...
1. I think that when a pokemon faints, it is unable to fight, meaning it's not completely knocked out, but just not able to fight anymore. My reasoning is this because a pokemon may still use HM's out of battle, they just can't battle anymore. And in the show, they aren't completely knocked out I think. Kind of just weak and mopey.
2. Honestly I don't think there is a real-life equivalent of HP. It represents everything that would keep a pokemon standing: will to fight, stamina, etc., but numerically. I wish we had a way to determine a pokemon's HP that incorporated its nature (unless it does that already. In which case, woohoo!) because, of course, your willpower is greatly affected by nature.

So that's what I think. But it's way up for debate.
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