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Nursery Aide Raeanne

Kaepora ♂ lv. 31 @ Amulet Coin
Keen Eye | Serious
[ Confusion, Peck, Hypnosis, Uproar ]

Karla ♀ lv. 31 @ Scope Lens
Early Bird | Hasty
[ Quick Attack, Thief, Peck, Acupressure ]

Harley ♀ lv. 32 @ Charcoal
Cute Charm | Adamant
[ ThunderPunch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Sky Uppercut ]

Bobby ♂ lv. 32 @ Soft Sand
Oblivious | Sassy
[ Magnitude, Earthquake, Rock Tomb, Water Pulse ]

For Whom lv. 31 @ Rocky Helmet
Levitate | Hasty
[ Hypnosis, Gyro Ball, Extrasensory, Confuse Ray ]

Ventispook ♂ lv. 1 @ Exp Share
Stall | Brave
[ Scratch, Recover, Thief, Will-O-Wisp ]

To anyone that guessed For Whom the Bell Tolls, you were correct! Anyway, it took a long time to get For Whom to catch up, and it still lol. Hopefully things will get better when it evolves. Speaking of evolving, Karla finally evolved into Dodrio, which is great cause I was tired of her taking so many bad hits. I completed the Cold Storage with no help from Cheren and his lazy self. After getting my whole team to 31, I went on to fight Clay. It wasn't hard, but it wasn't particularly easy either. Either way, we got the Quake Badge and have added our final party member to the team, Ventispook the Sableye. The reference in his name is more for myself however, as he's named after my first Sableye in Sapphire in 2003. Hopefully it won't be hard to catch him up as it was with For Whom. Onward to Chargestone Cav-- awww damn! :(

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